This book is intended, first, as a practical guide for the assistance of those persons who may be desirous of speaking with the dead; and, secondly, as an elementary textbook of occult phenomena. It presupposes for its readers a willingness to be guided by facts and a disregard of opinions based upon imagination instead of upon fact. ... Let us speak to the dead and let us add their knowledge and counsel to the common store . Speaking of telepathy and the general philosophy of what a spirit is constituted of, it carefully straddles rationalism and spiritualism. This occult work is one part how-to guide to communicating with the spirits of the dead, one part philosophical tract, and one part view to theory and practice that was then hotly debated, trying to clear up what Sciens feels are misconceptions held by mystics of his age. The book covers topics like Telepathy and Tele-Mnemoniky, Discarnate Spirits, Mediums, "Spiritualism" and Rationalism," Soul and Life, among others. This book is a must-have for all Occult researchers and all those interested in Spiritualism, or the history of the art.


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How To Speak With The Dead - Sciens