Everyone has an aura. Everyone has already seen or experienced the auric fields of others. The problem is that most people ignore the experience or chalk it up to something that it is not. Mystics from all parts of the world speak of seeing lights around people’s heads, but you do not have to be a mystic to see the aura. Everyone can learn to see and experience the aura more effectively. there is nothing magical about the process; it involves recognizing the aura for what it is and not ignoring the experience. It simply requires a little understanding, time, practice, and perseverance. On page 3 is a questionnaire about the aura. If you can answer yes to one or more of the questions, you have already experienced the energy of the aura. Children are very good at seeing and experiencing the aura. Those experiences are often translated into their drawings. Around the gures, they will shade in unusual and different colors. these colors often reflect the subtle energies they have observed around what they are drawing.


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