Originally this book was written to accompany a " How to Meditate" class series I taught. The students wanted a simple guide which reviewed the details of the meditation techniques they were learning. Because the book was meant only to supplement a much larger body of oral material, it was purposely kept very brief and succinct. Over the years there has been a growing demand for this kind of short, practical guide to the art and science of meditation. While there is much to be gained by brevity, there is also something inevitably lost. I urge readers of this book to expand their understanding of meditation, and the philosophy of life from which it sprang, through further study and, more importanty, daily practice. The material covered here is based primarily on the teachings

of Paramhansa Yogananda and his disciple Kriyananda, who is my teacher. Paramhansa Yoganandawas one of the greatest yogis ever to teach in America. Coming to this country from India in 1920, he spent the next 32 years here writing many books and lessons, lecturing to hundreds of thousands of students, and training. He took the deepest philosophy and the highest techniques of the ancient science of yoga and put them into a language and system uniquely suited to the modern Western mind.


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How To Meditate A Step-by-Step Guide to the Art and Science of Meditation