A Talisman any object, sacred or profane, with or without appropriate inscriptions or symbols, uncharged or consecrated by means of appropriate ritual magic or meditation. Amongst other things it exerts an auto-suggestive effect on the wearer. It is made to serve a specific end, to bring good fortune in some area of life, or to achieve some specifically named goal. An amulet is in effect no different, save that as a charm it is supposed to be worn for protection against disease, sickness, ill-fortune, or witchcraft. For the purpose of this manual, the word talisman will be the preferred term. In passing, it should be emphasized that I have no fundamental objection to the theory of suggestion so long as it is clearly understood that suggestion cannot implant in or evoke from the psyche what is not already there. Suggestion is evocative only of those psycho-spiritual
factors that are innate. According to the Golden Dawn’s somewhat larger frame of reference, a talisman ‘is a magical figure charged with the Force which it is intended to represent.


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