Some people already have a strong belief about the existence of their unseen friends, other have felt a loving presence around them before, particularly during a difficult time in their lives. It is natural for many more people to be sceptical, after all, we live in a world where physical or actual proof that something exists is usually the minimum standard. The vibration that the Spirit Guides live in is closest to our dimension here on Earth, or to put it anothe rway, it has a similar frequency. All Spirit Guides have lived on Earth before as human beings, giving them a profound understanding ofwhat our experiences here are like. When we are born we have some Spirit Guides with us, some of whom will stay with us for the duration of our lives and some who will only be here for the time it takes to help us to get the most from certain human experiences we came here to understand. Therefore the number of Spirit Guides that a person can have with them at any one time will vary, as new ones come in and old ones leave, depending on where you are at with your life.  


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How to Connect with Your Angels and Spirit Guides