Merry meet! That’s a traditional greeting among Witches. We’re glad you decided to look at this book, and we will be even happier if it helps you begin your journey into the world of Witchcraft and Wicca. Perhaps you heard about the Craft, became interested, and are exploring it alone. This book is a good introduction. Or perhaps you’ve found a coven, and they have recommended this book (or handed it to you and said, “Read it!”). Most exercises/activities are designed for someone working alone, but they can easily be adapted for anyone working in a coven. Almost everything you have seen and heard about Witches in popular comics,cartoons, role-playing games, songs, books, television shows, and movies is wrong. Those are fairy tales—fantasies—entertainment. There are real Witches, and we are two of them. Amber has been an initiated priestess for over thirty years, and Azrael entered the Craft about twenty years ago. Both of us have traveled and taught the Craft throughout the United States; Amber has served as first officer of the largest Witch network in existence, and we both help run an institution of higher learning for Witches and other Pagan —Ardantane Pagan Learning Center. We know something about the modern Craft. But Witchcraft is incredibly diverse from place to place, coven to coven, individual to individual. There is no One True Way to be a Witch—and that is one of the glories of the Craft. There is room for individuality and freedom and different points of view, which are the bedrocks of Witchcraft.


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How to Become a Witch The Path of Nature Spirit and Magick - Amber K and Azrael