The one goddess that could be found in almost all the religions of the Celtic tribes was The Morrigan. The Morrigan was the Celts central goddess and her powers encompassed almost all aspects of Celtic society. She was the patron goddess to all Celtic women young and old. On the other hand the Romans, who would eventually control almost all of the Celts territories, had no such goddess. The Celtic people's treatment of women was advanced for their time, especially compared to other societies like Rome, based on their worship of goddesses like The Morrigan and their societies view and treatment of women as a whole. There was no singular Roman goddess that could be considered equal to The Morrigan, a majority of her powers, especially those relating to war and combat, went to Ares, a male god rather than a female. The qualities that made up The Morrigan were divided up into several different goddesses in Roman culture. For example, Bellona, the Roman goddess of battle, Venus, the Roman goddess of love and fertility, Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom and magic, and Juno, the goddess of marriage and childbirth. A few of these goddesses were considered to be excellent examples forRoman women. Roman women were supposed to be beautiful, fertile, and subservient totheir husbands. Many of the goddesses the Romans worshiped fit that mold, with precious few exceptions. All Roman goddesses had a consort or a male in their lives that they were inferior to. Bellona was linked to Mars, the Roman god of war, usually as his wife and sometimes as his sister or daughter. Juno was secondary to her husband Jupiter, the king of the gods and god of lightning. Minerva was the only goddess to not have a consort or a lover of any kind, although she was thought to be compliant to her father Jupiter. Venus was subservient to her husband Vulcan, the god of fire and the forge and was often mocked in mythology for trying to get out of her arranged marriage.


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How the Portrayal of Goddesses in a Culture Reflects Their View of Women