There are two great schools of thoughts—materialistic and spiritualistic. With one, MATTER is all in all, the ultimate substratum ; mind is merely the result of organized matter ; everything is translated into terms offorce, motion and the like. With the other, SPIRIT or mind is the ultimate substance God; matter is the visible expression of this invisible and eternal Consciousness. Materialism is a barren, dreary, comfortless belief, and, in the opinion of the author, is without philosophical foundation. This is an age of scientific materialism, although of late years that materialism has been rather on the wane among thinking men. In an age of such ultra materialism, therefore, it is not strange that there should come a great reaction on the part of spiritually minded people. This reaction takes the form of an in- creased vitality of dogmatic religion, or else culminates in the formation of Spiritualistic or Theosophic societies for the prosecution of occult phenomena. Spiritualists are now numbered by the million. Persons calling themselves mediums present certain phenomena, physical and psychical, and call public attention to them, as an evi- dence of life beyond the grave, and the possibility of spiritual communication between this world and the next.


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Hours With The Ghosts, or, Nineteenth Century Witchcraft 1897