We find that Egypt, the ancient cradle of wisdom, was in possession of the art of embalming the body at the time of Joseph. This custom would imply in the Egyptians some idea of anatomy, and would early give them knowledge in reference to the seat of diseases, and the derangements produced by them. The question has been often discussed, whether the Hebrews taught the healing art to the Egyptians, or learned it from them. On this point, it will be sufficient to remark, that the two nations having dwelt a long time together, would necessarily interchange their science and knowledge. However it may be, a great number of passages in the. Holy Scriptures render it evident that Moses had very enlarged ideas of medicine as well as of all other human knowledge. He has given decided proofs of this in that part of the law which contains the Hygenic directions, the signs of the white leprosy, and the means to cure it.


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History of the Jewish Physicians