Anatomy, or the knowledge of the structure of the human body, and Physiology, or the knowledge of Organic functions, became important branches of medical science. Experience, also, taught men that it is always more important, and often easier, to prevent the development of certain diseases, than to arrest their progress when once developed. Consequently, physicians turned their attention toward this object. They traced the rules for the preservation of health, and the collection of these rules constituted a new branch of the art called Hygiene. These successive additions necessitated a change in the definition of Medicine; the first, not embracing any longer all the departments of the science, the following was then nearly unanimously adopted : " Medicine is a science which has for its aim, the promotion of Health, and the cure of Disease." This was, for a long time, the limit of the Medical horizon.


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History of Medicine until the 19th Century P. V. Renourd, M. D.