Throughout history, civilizations have had many uses for crystals. The oldest written legend goes back to the ancient times of Atlantis. It was said that the people of Atlantis were highly evolved and used crystals to channel and release the cosmic forces. The legend declares “the sacred knowledge was abused and Atlantis was destroyed, but before it was destroyed the wise one's of the civilization programmed certain crystals with the information and planted them in the earth, trusting that the crystals would surface on the planet to be attracted to people who could attune their minds to receive the information stored within.” In truth, we are not the first to discover that silica is great for storing information... the difference between us and them was they stored their knowledge in natural crystals we store ours on hard drives made of same stuff. Mayan, Aztec and American Indians in the past have used crystals for diagnosis and treatment of disease. Unfortunately, most of the stone knowledge was obliterated by the US military and the Spanish conquerors. Luckily, the knowledge was taught and passed from parent to child in the medicine and shamanic tradition and from Grand Parent to Grandchild in the Apache stone tradition. The first known reference to the healing power of certain crystals comes form an Egyptian papyrus dated around 1600BC which gives directions for their curative use. Beads of lapis Lazuli, malachite , and red jasper were worn around a sick person's neck so that the disease could pass through them and dissipate. The practice of placing or wearing stones on various areas of the body , with its amuletic links, was only part of the repertoire of healers in history. A particularly popular medicinal method was to pulverize gems, mix them with a liquid , and drink the result- the forerunner, perhaps, of mineral water.


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History of Crystal Healing - Timothy L Harris