Now we propose to trace the course of these inharmonious factors or elements of the human race from their first separation into antagonistic principles in the sons of the first representative human pair, and by genealogical and racial embodiment and developement all the way down the line of the ages until the present time ; believing that herein is the solution of that gigantic problem of human existence and destiny, the misunderstanding of which lies at the bottom of all our Rational difficulties, as Awell as of all the other nations of the 'world which are now in that state of general fermentation that precedes all great political, to say nothing of social and ecclesiastical revolutions. Who then is the wise man but he who listens to the teachers of Nature, buried deep in whose varied forms and manifestations is the living God, tliat divine essence or substratum of things external and material which remains unchanged and unchangeable from the dimness of the remotest ages down through all the cycles of eternity; the emanations of whose breath or essence is Abel, or the spirit of man and that which it animates is Cain, or the adversary, that which was but is not when man is once more transformed into a spiritually developed being onore than at the first and the crude elements of his body return to the dust of chaos, ere the spirit of creation brooded Upon, or in it, to mould
it into the uses of the higher life!


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