Astrology is the most aoaeot of al sciences. It is not a science like Matbematics, Botany. Zoology. Cbemistry or Physic., the study of which requires strict adherence to the world's conventionalities of common sense reasoning and ordinary Jogic. Astrology comprehends something higher. mysterious and subtle. It is not a mere appeal to tbe reasoning faculty of man but it is an appeal to his hidden powers and capacities. Astrological predictions canoot be simply based upon strict hypothetical principles or vague guesses but a certain amount of intuitive capacity must be brought to bear upon such attempts. The various rules given for future predictions are merely intended for our guidance and we must substantiate them by recourse to the study and examination of a large number of practical horoscopes. Cllect, the horoscopes of a Dumber of people of all grades, ranks. temperaments and peculiarities and study them in the light of the principles enumerated in the following pages and then you will really get some precious intellectual food for your mental refreshment and you will be doubtless convinced that astrology is a practical and useful science.


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Hindu Predictive Astrology - B V Raman 1996