To understand correctly Hindu Philosophy, it is paramount that we realize that the basis of all the schools is the same. Together they form a graduated interpretation of the Ultimate Reality. Each school is based on the same metaphysical doctrine, while discussing some particular aspect of the whole. For example: Nyaya discusses the means by which knowledge may be had of the Ultimate Reality; vaiesika, the things to be known about that Ultimate Reality; Samkhya, the evolution of metaphysical doctrine; Yoga, the metaphysical doctrine in relation to the individual; Mrrnamsa, the rules and method of interpreting the doctrine; Vedanta, the relationship Between God, Matter, and the world; and Kamir Saivism, the nature of the Ultimate Spirit and the Cause of the Initial Impulse. This outline is intended merely to show the interrelationship of these schools and how each assumes the doctrines of the other while it solves its special problem. In this introduction to the classic philosophical schools of India, there is no attempt to prove or disprove but rather to present
the system of each school many eminent scholars have ably discussed the philosophical implications in full detail. My problem has been me of deciding what would be omitted rather than what should be included. Only the essentials of each system are presented.


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Hindu Philosophy - Theos Bernard