For all things come from the elements, be it in their purest state, or combinations there of. To the ancients, there are four elements; fire, earth, air, and water. These four, coming from the one, made up of the four, expressing its self, through the harmony of ten, through four. The elements make up, all created things, be it stones, metals, plants, animals, angels, daemons, gods, devils, fiends, phantoms, as well as all other created things. They are up in the very heights of The Heavens, and the very depths of Hell. Be it, within the infernal, terrestrial, or celestial realms, be it the spirit, chaos, or life, the elements lie therein. Its through, coming to know, and seeing their essence, or to those who would rather use other terms; their sybological and archtypical formations of thought, that empower us to utilize their virtues, and abolish their vices. We human are unique, in that we have the ability, and the will, to use all created energies conceivable unto us. for as we come to evolve further, we will come to be, opened up to more energies. One of the many beliefs of the Magicians, in regards to why the more subtle energies are not readily available to the common person, is that those energies, would come to be abused, and in that, create an imbalance in the etheric planes; which would unleash unforeseeable karmic repercussions. As it is, there is already to many children, who dapple in the lower formations of the subtler energies, without any real knowledge of what they are doing. So lets learn together, how we may come to shape the elements around us, creating our own magic carpet to fly upon, and to ascend to the higher heights.


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HIGH MAGICK The Elemental Adept - Suba