Magic, a word that's been shrouded in mystery for thousands of years. How many minds have already pondered this subject? Magic is probably one of the most difficult, most diversified, and most fascinating of all the occult sciences either as a supporter or opponent, as an initiate or as an unknowing person! Magicians were (and still are) often considered to be loathsome creatures with no desire whatsoever to conform to an external temporal power. They were viewed as people willing to commit the crime of not accepting the concepts of "reality, and "the healthy limits of morals and decency, "as forced upon them by religion and society, priests and world leaders; as people who refuse to serve any gods or goddesses apart from their own, no matter whether they call them Hermes or Hekate, Baal or Baphomet, Lilith or Lucifer, idealism or materialism, rationalism or irrationalism, I or myself the list goes on. The magician, whether male or female, was always a psychonaut, a soul searcher, someone who wanted to peek behind the «Veil of Isis''; a person who could never rest until he or she discovered (or at least had a good idea about) ((what holds the world together deep down inside." Zoroaster was considered a magician, as were Moses, SaJomo, Milarepa, and even Jesus Christ.


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High Magick - Frater UD