This is the second and final volume of High Magic: Theory and Practice, concluding our long and detailed exploration of both Western and Eastern magical systems from an undogmatic modern viewpoint primarily focused on their practical implications and usability. Being an authentic sequel, perusal of volurne 1 is obviously required to make the most use of what is being presented here for the advanced practitioner. Following up from where we left off, many subjects will be pursued in greater depth, aligning them with the overall picture of applied pragmatic magic. Equally, many challenging new areas will be addressed, some of them for the first time in an English book publication. Consequently, the nonlinear approach developed in volume 1 will be retained here. Rather than concatenate a library of longish self-contained monographs and essays covering a plethora of topics as if they were entirely unrelated, we have adopted the policy of dovetailing them by splitting up the theoretical and practical material into what is, after all, a comprehensive course of teaching and practical experimentation. This particular procedure, developed over decades of trial-and-error, has proven to be the most effective and time-saving method for many thousands of practitioners. Finally, it bears repeating that our nonnegotiable aitn is to assist you, the reader, in mastering the art and science of high magic as an independent, liberated individual- free from any of the restraints typically imposed by sectarian magical orders and narrow minded guru worship, so very abundant in conventional dogmatic magic. If anything, we, as magicians, should view each other as compeers, pilgrims, and explorers pursuing the same magnum opus. This leaves no room for self-serving totem pole hierarchies. Thus, we will abide by the old motto of that purportedly most secular of mundane historical events, the French Revolution: Ni dieu, ni maitre! ("[Let there be] neither god nor master [above us])!"


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High Magic II - Expanded Theory and Practice - Frater UD