In the former book, which is the fourth book of Agrippa, it is spoken sufficiently of magical ceremonies and initiations. But, because he seems to have written for the learned and experienced in this Art, and because he does not treat of the details of the Ceremonies but rather speaks of them in general terms, it was thought advisable to add there to the Magical Elements of Peter de Abano, that those who are hitherto ignorant and have not tasted of magical superstitions might have at hand the knowledge of how they may enage themselves therein. For we see in this book an introduction to Magical vanity, displaying – ready for use, as it were – the distinct functions of spirits, how they are to be drawn to discourse and communication: what is to be done every day, and every hour: and how they shall be read, as if they were described syllable by syllable. In brief, in this book are kept all principles of magical conveyences which are genuine steps towards magical operations. But because the greatest power is attributed to the Circles (for they are a form of defence to make the operator safe from the evil spirits), we shall treat first of the composition of a Circle. The Form of Circles is not always constant, but is to be changed according to the order of the Spirits that are to be called, their places, times, days and hours. For in making a Circle, it ought to be considered in what season of the year, what day, and what hour it is to be done; what Spirits you would call, to what Star and Region they belong, and what function they have. Therefore let there be made three circles nine feet across, a hand’s breadth apart: in the middle circle write first the name of the hour wherein you do the work; second, write the name of the Angel of the hour; in the third place, the Sigil of the Angel; fourthly, the name of the Angel that rules the day when you do the work, and his Ministers. In the fifth place, the name of the present season. Sixthly, the name of the Spirits ruling in that part of time, and their Presidents....


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Heptameron or Elements of Magick Peter Abano