It is not our purpose to here consider elaborately the substances which compose, and the laws that govern, the Universe. Of those actions, which, succeeding each other in regular order, we designate as laws, a few must be mentioned in the astronomical part before we proceed to describe the regions of vital forces that seem to determine, in part, the quantity of characteristics of both mental and so-called physical life of those born when the Earth and other planets are in certain angles from the Sun ; that is, in certain signs of the Zodiac. Why the nature of a person is specifically influenced in one direction more than in another may seem strange. However, if one considers for a moment the grand contention of forces that are struggling for supremacy in the Solar region where he is born, and the fact that, even from a material standpoint, the volume, direction and effect of these forces are forever varying ; surging ; overcoming ; and again equalizing each other, it should be easily realized that they may and do influence mentality, destiny and results.


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Heliocentric Astrology - H W Merton 1899