The Word is in fact written in pure correspondences, so that there may be deeper meaning in the details. Questions about the nature of this meaning can be resolved by all the things I have set forth about it in Secrets of Heaven. A selection of these may be found also in my explanation of the white horse in the Book of Revelation. It is in this deeper sense that we are to understand what the Lord said in the passage just cited about coming in the clouds of heaven. The sun that will be darkened means the Lord in respect to love, the moon means the Lord in respect to faith. The stars mean insights into what is good and true, or into love and faith.The sign of the Human-born One in heaven means the appearing of divine truth. The wailing tribes of earth mean all the elements of what is true and good, or of faith and love.The Lord’s coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory means his presence in the Word, and revelation. The clouds refer to the literal meaning of the
Word and the glory to the Word’s inner meaning. The angels with a trumpet and a loud voice mean heaven, which is where divine truth comes from.


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Heaven And Hell by Emanuel Swedenborg