"Let that which is unknown become known," was in a sense a common saying in ancient Hawaii. In the ancient times (kahiko), as in many other cultures throughout the world, the Kahuna were deeply involved in the discovery of the nature of man and the universe. Their search yielded a science of medicine and psychology that was as advanced as that of western Europe and North America at the time. In fact, the teaching of the Kahuna, regarding the nature and the function of the conscious mind and the unconscious mind (la'au kahea), was only recently achieved in western science by Milton Erickson, M.D., (who was a highly respected psychiatrist, psychologist and hypnotherapist) and he reached that understanding only in the 1960's. When the outsiders (haole) arrived in Hawaii, they mistakenly undervalued all things Hawaiian. Conceited, they took on a parental attitude toward the Hawaiians seeing them only as ignorant savages. It follows that the new arrivals also underrated the practices and procedures of the Kahuna that they saw.


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Heart of Huna - Laura Yardley