"Hatha Yoga," the present book, deals altogether with the physical. The psychical, mental and spiritual phases of the subject belong to the other branches of the work. "Hatha Yoga," however, will be a splendid foundation upon which the student may build, as a sound, strong, healthy body is\

necessary for one to do his best work and study, as the author of this book has so well explained in

the text. Hatha Yoga is that branch of the Yoga Philosophy which deals with the physical body— its

care— its well— being— its health— its strength- and all thattends to keep it in its natural and

normal state of health. It teaches a natural mode of living and voices the cry which has been taken

up by many of the Western world: "Let us get back to Nature, "excepting that the Yogi does not have

to get back for he is already there, for be has always clung close to nature and her ways, and has not

been dazzled and befooled by the mad rush toward externals which has caused the modern civilized

races to forget tha tsuch a thing as nature existed.


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Hatha Yoga - Philosophy of Physical Well Being - Y Ramacharaka