I bring to the consideration of the medical profession not merely the facts of personal experience and clinical evidence as proof of the value of suggestive therapeutics in the general practice of medicine, but also a detailed explanation of how to apply suggestion efficaciously, both with and without hypnotism as a therapeutic adjunct. I give in explanation of those facts, experience and clinical tests as interpreted in the light of modern scientific knowledge. Of this Science, which is only a branch of Astrology, the origin may be said to date back almost to the creation of the world. As long ago as the Tower of Babel, its builders sought to rear their edifice to the very stars in order to snatch from them their secrets. The shepherds of Chaldea, the priests of Egypt and the sacred oracles of Greece, in turn, taught men to shape their lives by the counsels derived from an unceasing communion with the firmament. During the Middle Ages, this sublime mode of human investigation was not arrested by the influence of Christianity; Astrologers were the leading men in science and opened wide the doors of knowledge for the astronomers, physicists and naturalists of our own age.


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Handbook of Suggestive Therapeutics - Applied Hypnotism, Psychic Science-H Munro