In these days, when Realism over-rides the Ideal, it seems almost absurd to offer to the reading public even so small a brochure as mine on the old-world subject of Palmistry; but a superstition (if you will) which has attracted the serious attention of Aristotle and many other ancient writers, and among the modern, of Herder, Balzac, Desbarolles, and a host of others, is at any rate worth considering. Whilst at Paris, some years ago, I was shown by an intelligent Frenchman (who like myself confessed to be almost a believer in Palmistry) some very interesting drawings of the hands of Victor Hugo, Dumas, Lamartine, and other French celebrities; and, in all these drawings, the development of the lines and mounts showed exactly the qualities which we knew these men possessed; for instance, in Victor Hugo's hand we noticed that Jupiter and Venus were so prominent as almost to overpower the development of the rest of the palm. Jupiter (as will be seen) gives power, pride, imagination of the fervid order, and immense self-assertion; Venus, tenderness and passion. Are not these qualities shown in 'Notre Dame de Paris,' 'Les Miserables,' and, indeed, in all this author's works ?


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Handbook of Palmistry - R Baughan (1883)