" Man's past history and future destiny are written upon the palm of his hand." Is this proposition to be accepted with implicit faith? We assert that it may, and we add that its truth is established by the following considerations: 1. By the history of the science called Palmistry (a name derived from the Latin palma, the hand). 2. By physical and physiological discoveries of modern times, especially those relating to the influence of the heavenly bodies upon terrestrial creation and still more those which reveal the wonderful effects produced by the action of electricity and magnetism. 3. Finally, the truth of the axiom with which we began is demonstrated by the constantly repeated observation and experience of thousands of incredulous persons. Let us briefly examine each of these points before proceeding to furnish the reader with the means of making investigations and discoveries for himself, the accuracy and certainty of which will fill him with genuine astonishment.


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Handbook of Modern Palmistry - V De Metz