It Is somewhat surprising at the present day—one so enlightened and learned on most branches of art, one which hourly witnesses such strivings after knowledge—that so little is known of the interesting subject of Christian Symbolism, We observe, however, that there Is gradually springing up a wish to learn something regarding this great handmaid of early Christian Art ; and we trust the wish will be encouraged and promoted by all those who may find It In their power to add to the Information already collected. We feel confident that the subject only requires to be known to be fully appreciated ; and, aided by the revival of Ecclesiastical Architecture and Its attendant arts, with Christian Symbolism which it has ever been connected, it may again receive the favour it experienced through a period of more than a thousand years. A knowledge of Symbolism is highly requisite for those who study the works of Christian Art ; for there is scarcely a picture handed down to us from the Middle Ages, containing sacred figures, that symbols are not in some way introduced; and, as a rule, these symbols exercise no mean influence on the composition.


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Handbook of Christian Symbolism Audsley