Arichly detailed and lavishly referenced book, which, over the course of its 246 pages, offers a thorough introduction to the field of hallucination research.  Moreover, for present-day readers it constitutes an invaluable time capsule, having saved for posterity virtually all that was known near the end of the nineteenth century, not just on hallucinations, but on all kinds of misperception. The first strand of Parish’s book contains a comprehensive literature review, providing definitions and clinical descriptions of numerous types of misperception, lifted from the late nineteenth-century literature and earlier. He describes hallucinations in the context of psychosis, mood disorder and organic brain disease, auras in the context of epilepsy, and zoopsia in the context of delirium; and also lesser known phenomena such as the fata morgana, the Brocken spectre, hyperaesthesia of the retina, chromatopsias, optical illusions, after images, diplopia monocularis, fortification spectra, paraesthesia, hyperaesthesia, synaesthesia, micropsia, and the phantom limb, to name just a few of the phenomena he elucidates. In this first part, Parish also reviews explanatory models of a medical, psychological and parapsychological nature, with special reference to the centrifugal and centripetal models of olden days, that is, those stressing the role of the peripheral sense organs versus those stressing the role of higher cerebral centres.


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Hallucinations and Illusions - The Fallacy of Perception - E Paris