The Hallowe'en rollicking is not generally regarded as of major significance at all comparable with that of Christmas or Easter. Yet it can be affirmed that, as it was originally conceived and formulated, it was rated fully as important as these others. As a matter of fact it stood as one of the four cardinal festivals of the entire year, embodying the significance of one of the four cardinal points of the zodiac, -- the two equinoxes and the two solstices -- and these four were considered the greatest of all the ritual occasions in the year's round. It differs widely in character from all other observances, having come to be regarded more as a secular festival than one of religion. Festivals generally are designed to commemorate something of positive value or of universal import, and therefore take on the aura of solemnity. Mostly they deal with eventsof epic or national importance or of profound religious significance. On the contrary, Hallowe'en gives vent to a spirit of quite opposite cast, expressing frivolity, license, mischief. Outwardly itstands at the very opposite pole from the serious or the sacred. Because of its seemingly light and purely sportive character it has, as said, not been evaluated as of first importance. Little do its wild celebrants realize that its truly profound significance in heres in precisely this seemingly bizarre and outlandish element of its observance.


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Halloween A Festival Of Lost Meanings - A Boyd Kuhn