This much is quite certain ; while the mythic element in the Arthurian story is yet a matter for discussion, while we are as yet undecided whether Arthur was, or was not, identical with the Mercurius Artusius of the Gauls ; whether he was, or was not, a Culture Hero ; whether Gawain does, or does not, represent the same hero as Cuchullin, and both alike find origin in a solar myth ; we at least know that both Arthur and Gawain are closely connected with, and as their final destination found rest in, Fairyland. It is, therefore, no matter for surprise if we find such definite fairy stories.  At that court the fairy, whether she be Morgain, -the Lady of the Lake, or the Mistress of Graalent, Lanval, or Gawain, is at home, to be distinguished by nothing, save her superior beauty and wisdom, from the mortals who surround her. (It is scarcely necessary to remark that the fairies of the mediaeval French romance writers are not the pigmies of the Teutonic sagas and of Shakespeare.) The role of these maidens generally speaking one in search of love.


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