Guide to the Sabbat is one of the core sourcebooks for the Vampire: The Masquerade Revised Edition, along with its companion volume, Guide to the Camarilla. It is the definitive guide to the Sabbat: its purposes, goals, history, secrets, and organization, as seen through the eyes of its members and enemies. It also covers the more advanced powers and specific skills of the clans that make up its members. The Guide to the Sabbat examines the Sabbat exhaustively from the antitribu, or "anti-clans" that populate its ranks to the terrifying Disciplines they use to their methods of waging war on the Camarilla and Antediluvians alike. This book also explores the progress the Sabbat have made in their war effort, chronicling their inexorable climb over the East Coast of the United States and their usurped territories in the Old World.


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