Even with the recent exploitation of this information, Magick still remains a mystery to most. The complex web of information out there leaves much to be desired. With all the various sources of information on any one given topic, it's nearly impossible to find a solid definitive answer to almost anything. The following sections of this book are going to try to change all of that for you. We want to give you a crystal clear understanding of magick. Such a clear understanding that by the end of this book, you will be ready to practicing magic and casting effective spells of your own. To do this, we've split this book into four seperate (but all equally important) parts. In part one, you will discover all the amazing things about Black Magic and Witchcraft that people already thought you knew. Get a quick brush up on your Wicca and Witchcraft History, learn about the God and Goddess Aspect, The Rule of 3, Covens and tons more. Part two might just change the way you look at the world around you. It's in this section where you'll find a new meaning to matter, energy and probably life as you know it. Learn about the different planes and sub planes of existence. You'll uncover the "science" to magic here, including the 7 Principles.


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Guide To Casting Black Magic Spells