Awareness and understanding of group processes, which, when you get down to the root of it, means AWARENESS OF OTHERS, requires some degree of AWARENESS OF SELF. Self-awareness is not automatic, nor is it a constant. Exercises and techniques of enhancing Self-Awareness come under the domain of Ego Magic. Ego Magic is concerned with increasing one’s ability to make realistic assessments of one’s own self-image and identifying and modifying behaviours and cognitive patterns which are dysfunctional. At least that’s the theory. Considering how important Ego Magic/Deconditioning techniques are stressed as being to the practice of Chaos Magic, it’s amazing how little information on them there actually is. When one considers the Ego Magic techniques that have been made available through Chaos Magic texts, the following points should be considered:
(1) It is very easy to make a shift in belief content which does not actually change the process (the way the belief is enacted) - i.e. a shift from fanatical Christian to fanatical Pagan isn’t very challenging.
(2) It is very easy to rationalise a lot of potentially boundary-breaking actions in such a way that they no longer present a threat to one’s self-image. “I let X fuck me as an act of Anathema (see Liber Null
(3) We are really good at fooling ourselves as to what constitutes, for us, liberating behaviour, and we all seem to share a common human tendency that goes: “I am more liberated/alive/free because
I am into magic/wear a bolt through my tongue/leather trousers, than those who don’t.”


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Group Explorations in Ego Magick - Phil Hine