It is my intention to discuss the Green elements of modern Witchcraft and neopagan practices as well as relate those elements to my own Craft practice and the bits and pieces of Iberian-Celtic tradition handed down to me from my mother and her mother. My approach is both historical and personal; my interests lie in history, and I would be untrue to myself if I discarded history (which is so great a part of my perspective on life) in any presentation of Craft practices. My family associations with the Craft did not come through formal training or through recognized tradition, but by observation, activities, and verbal guidance. Much of Craft practice has been softly muffled through its passage over the generations. It has only been in recent decades, with the formalization of Witchcraft traditions, that practices have been created to preserve oral traditions that otherwise might have faded. I am very grateful for the Gardner's and the Buckland's and all the other writers of the Craft who have worked so diligently to preserve an ancient religion. My purpose here is to show the underlying thread that appears to run through most traditions and relate it to the ancient historical past, while also presenting insights as to how this thread weaves its way through three generations of my family, and is now entering the warp and weave of a fourth.


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Green Witchcraft - Ann Moura