To sum up, to qualify as a sacred law, in the way this term is used in the existing corpus of Greek sacred laws, an inscription must be prescriptive; its subject matter and main focus must be or pertain to religion and particularly to cult practice, on the whole recurrent in nature, or at least set within the framework of ordinary worship. Reality is, however, more complex and leaves some room for interpretation. Though many cases are sufficiently clear, the final decision as to whether or not to admit a given document into the corpus may at times depend on a variety of factors, including personal judgment. LGS includes not less than seventeen documents which Sokolowski preferred, for better and for worse, to leave out CID. It includes two more such documents, and excludes five others. Even once a document has been identifed as sacred law, further classifcation remains difficult, since, as we have seen, sacred law, in the way in which the term is used here, hardly constitutes a well-defined genre. A classification of the documents according to their respective genres may be justified, though misleading, as documents of different genres may deal with similar matters. 



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