In the second millennium all Semitic communities had evolved the temple, and Babylonia the idol—
In Greece, temple- building was coming into vogue, but the cults still aniconic —The pillar and the phallic emblem common in early Greece, very rare m Mesopotamia—Sacrifice both in East and West of two types, the blood-sacrifice and the bloodless, but in Hellas  in early vogue, not
in the East—Incense unknown to the pre-Homeric Greeks —The distinction between Chthonian and Olympian ritual not found at Babylon—Communion-sacrifice and sacrament in early Greece, not found as yet m Mesopotamia--Vicarious piacular sacrifice common to both regions, but human sacrifice rife in early Greece, not found in Meso-potamia—Mystic use of blood in Greek ritual, immolation or expulsion of the scape-goat.


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Greece and Babylon - Rituals and Religious Culture