Mv object in writing this book has been to aid in popularizing the once famous, but long neglected science or art of astrology. The facts therein contained I have gathered from many sources, but mainly from the works of the great dead star-readers, to whom I gladly acknowledge my debt of gratitude; for, even though they be dead, who can say that they are utterly beyond the reach of praise or blame? I have aimed rather to interest than to instruct, for which reason, instead of a text book, I give here a picture of astrology as it was in the past, dwelling to the best of my ability on the glories of its career, and showing why it is as worthy of esteem in our days as it was in the days of Ptolemy. I know of no book on the subject that has been written from this standpoint. There are some serviceable text-books for students, but there are hardly any astrological books that appeal to the people. I ask no one to accept as true my views on astrology, but I do ask that the historical statements be accepted as true, unless they can be shown to be false. Some of my readers may be inclined to doubt the efficacy of astrology; if so, they can easily satisfy themselves. All they need do is to get their horoscopes cast.


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Gospel of the Stars - The Wonders of Astrology - J Hingston 1899