The owner and master of a human body cannot hope to manage it properly, secure and maintain its usefulness and enjoyment, safeguard it in the diverse struggles of life and occupation, and protect it against sickness and disease without some precise knowledge of its construction and the various things which its organs are made to do. Some glimpses in brief of the structure and function of the body will therefore fittingly introduce a book designed to foster in direct and practical fash ion the welfare of its readers. It has been the aim of the author to include in this book the essential and salient points in the construction of the body and function of its various parts; also to discuss public health problems, the maintenance of individual physicalwell-being, the means by which infectious diseases are transmitted and how they may be prevented, the importance of pure air, good water and nourishing food, as well as othe rmatters connected with the subject of hygiene. The author has endeavored to present these in a clear and simple manner, and in a way that will make the application of the information practicable in everyday life and conduct.


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