This singular wheel was much consulted in the middle ages, and has said to have been used by Cagliostro to aid him in his divination I have selected it from an old Latin manuscript on Astrology, and translated it into English for the benefit of those of my readers who cannot read the former language. I OFFER you in this work, my dear reader, all that can be collected in reference to dreams. Not withstanding the proverbial saying, " All dreams are lies," we frequently see the realization of them, and by them we are informed of more or less interesting events which afterward happen to us. A prudent and enlightened man will therefore examine carefully his dreams to know which he ought to interpret, neglecting those which are extravagant because of too exalted an imagination or of a disturbed digestion. In consulting this book with attention, in seeking in it for the explanation of your dreams, and calculating the causes which have pro-duced them, you will rarely depart from the truth, because you will be following the rules of a wise combination, which will prevent you from falling into an illusory if not fatal error.


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Golden Wheel of Fortune Teller & Dream Interpretation