To dream of the atmosphere, has a variety of interpretations, and depends entirely on the different appearances it has. If you dream the sky is ciear of a fine blue, calm and serene, then it is a good omen; you will be successful in your enterprises ; if you are soliciting any place of preferment you will obtain it—if you are in love, you will marry the object of your affections—have you a lawsuit ? you will gain it —-are you in trade? it will flourish and be profitable —are you a farmer? good crops will attend you, your cattle will increase, your pigs and poultry will be abundant your commodities will fetch a good price atmarrket—are you married ? you will have many children, and they will be dutiful and do well—an you about to undertake a journey ? it will answer your utmost expectations—are you going to sea ? you will have a pleasant and prosperous voyage—are you in debt? you will spfcedily be enabled! to extricate yourself from it—are you in prison  you will shortly be set at liberty. To dream that it is full of thick, dark, and heavy clouds, it is an unfavourable token—you will fall.


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Golden Dreamer or Dreams Realized - J Crawhall