The Women represent one-half of humanity. But over the past several millenniums, women have been forced to live in the shadows of men, being deprived of opportunities to fully realize themselves as individuals. Through gender-bias – a social construct that discriminates women from men on the basis of their sex difference– reinforced by institutionalized patriarchy, women have been enslaved and even have internalized all forms of oppressions and suppressions against them. But since the last few centuries, a consciousness-raising has happened among women, thanks to the women‟s liberation movement. Women‟s movement began as a political movement (women's suffrage, slavery movement) with sociological underpinnings. But by not being confined to the existential dimension, women's movement has come to encompass the spiritual dimension too. Citing Carl Jung, King observes, women “are-in search of a soul‟, in search of something that will give them wholeness, a sense of meaning and a purpose which can direct their thoughts and actions. This essay is an attempt to follow the feminist spiritual movement with special emphasis on the rediscovery of Goddess phenomenon. This is followed by some observations on Mariology and reflections.


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Goddess Spirituality in Feminism