Six years ago I published a small book called The Cosmos and the Creeds. It was an inquiry into the alleged finality of the Christian faith. Incidentally was implied disbelief in mortality as generally understood. At that time I thought that such immortality as man possessed lay in the influence of his actions, words, or writings had upon those who were his contemporaries, or who came after him; but that he himself, as an individual conscious entity, disappeared forever, not to be recognised again. The theory of what happened after death was not an essential part of that which I set out to demonstrate. It was a mere appendage to an argument for a broader conception of the Bible. My book was an attack on the outworn dogmas of the Churches and the presumptuous, hurtful attitude of the priests, who, in my opinion, are misleading the children of this country. The Bible appeared to me then, and appears to me now, to be a compilation of great worth that has been grossly misinterpreted. It contains books of very unequal value, full of fable, poetry, and romance, giving a fragmentary history of the evolution of one branch of the Semitic race during a period of some thousands of years, and the partial history of a holy man called Jesus Christ, whose short ministry effected a striking chance in the ethics of a large portion of the human race. That man, I averred and I have not changed my opinion—was not God, was not born of a pure virgin, and was not raised in his natural body from the dead.


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