Are you ready to revolutionize your magical practice by learning to use your glamour? Glamour is the perfect tool for a revolution because a revolution is started by a whisper, not a gunshot. Your glamour. Your whisper. Not into the deepest well in the forest, but into the right ear. You must tug on the heartstrings of modern-day queens and warlords who have power over you so that you can obtain whatever you desire most. This whisper could unlock windows, open doors, and slide through secret passages for your Great Work. You must be brave because you may only have one chance to ask for your most sacred wish from this powerful person. Your words will act as a straight shot of potent elixir that has been torn from your still-beating heart. It will hurt as it is ripped out of you. It will be terrifying once the whisper leaves your mouth. It risks everything. You risk everything.

Do you dare?


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Glamour Magic - Deborah Castellano