I perceived that I was treading on a beautiful crystalline form of matter, pure and transparent, and hard as a diamond, but sparkling, bright, luminous, and ethereal. There was a wonderful atmosphere, too, surrounding me on all sides. Above and about me, it was discernible as a radiant, sparkling mist, enclosing my form, piercing the walls and ceiling, and permitting my vision to take in an almost illimitable area of space, including the city, fields, plains, mountains, and scenery, together with the firmament abovemy head, spangled with stars, and irradiated by the soft beams of the tranquil moon. All this vast realm ofperception opened up before me in despite of the enclosing walls, ceiling, and other obstacles of matter which surrounded me. These were obstacles no more.


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Ghost Land Research into the Mysteries of Occult Spiritism 1876