We cannot bore a hole with a hand saw, -neither can a blind man see, so we don't expect to be able to show much blind folks that never saw a hole, hoping they be few, we will rid of them first, by quoting Clark Braden. Speaking of the spiritually blind, he said, "Like the bird of the night that flies toward the noon-day sun, and hoots there is no light, so is the spiritually-blind man that says, there is no God." Such creatures hoot there is no God. The devil answers the fool at Job 40:19: "God is my Father." Many who love the name "Christian" hoot there is no devil. The devil answers this blind bird too at John 8 :43 and 44. I am your father. If People who can't believe there is a God or a devil, cannot believe that good and evil people Relieve according to their spirit to believe with. Some kind of believers (sin relievers) say, "We don't need hold out to the end." There are wayside followers that Satan has removed, by moving back into, and drove out the power of God to say, "Get thee behind me Satan" and have become his ministers, his servants.


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Getting Along Without the Devil - WA Steele 1919