Picture for a moment the image of the benevolent witch who lives in a flower-surrounded cottage. The witch’s gardens are a place where morning glories and moonflowers tumble over privacy fences. Roses climb over handmade arbors, and magickal herbs and flowers thrive together in sunny beds. Around back, tucked under old trees, the shade garden offers a quiet spot and relief from the summer heat.Ah . . . a suburban Pagan myth. I have read that this image of the witch is outdated, over-romanticized, and unrealistic. Actually, it’s very real, and it’s all true. I’m taking a stand. Honestly, my knees are killing me. I am one of those witches who are supposedly a suburban myth. I am a garden witch. A garden witch? Is this some new, unheard-of tradition? No. The lore of herbs and flowers is ancient, as is the practice of growing a magickal garden. Gardens have always been enchanting places. A garden witch just takes that theory and runs with it. Magickal gardening is an intimate approach to putting the nature back into your earth religion. How do you know if you’re a garden witch? Well, the symptoms are fairly easy to diagnose. Do you experience a sensory rush at the sights and smells of a garden? Are you fascinated by plant lore and legend? Do you enjoy growing your own herbs and plants? To those of you who answered yes, and those of you future gardeners that yearn to try your hand at magickal gardening and herbalism, this will be right up your alley.


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Garden Witchery Magick from the Ground Up - Ellen Dugan