RITUAL: The set of tools that allow us to consciously apply our will to the art of life. These tools are common to all religious ceremony practically all scientific technique and many actions In "everyday life."
FUTURE : A period of time, yet to come, that gives us the opportunity to make conscious choices. Keep your senses clear your intellect sharp and your will strong and ready, for the future will be here sooner than you think!
MAGICK : The art of making conscious choices.

There is a certain order to everything. Our present, however, is a time of scientific validation of disorders, and a new quantum physics that reaches (some might say even preaches) a level of poetic linguistics and speculative consensus reality adjustment that powerfully redefines and reMINDS us of the implied origin of as arcane a species as meta-physics. In a very real sense, and in an increasingly synaesthetic individual experience of this process called "being alive," every possible concept, material, input or output, any measurable transfer of any form in any conceivable dimension is equal. Or consists of the same profane matter. The post-industrial, quasi-religious confidence in a separate autonomy for any and all biological, neurological, chemical or mechanical manifestations has been eroded to a point of intersection that is at best a vestigial act of faith. Individuals, who by their contact with this book one must assume have chosen a path reflective of an inquiring and potentially hungry MIND, are fully immersed in a future environment of infinite possibility and boundless information. This world is as dark and mysterious as those oft-mentioned places on the floor of oceans inhabited by creatures that glow with electrical fibers, suck nourishment from the primeval soup through gelatinous sieves and breed without contact, releasing slivers of organic light in plumes that swirl like twisters into the blackness.


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Future - Ritual for the 21st Century - Philip H Farber