Much has been hinted at concerning the runes and their magicalpower in recent books. However, none of these works has delved intothe practical magical uses of the ancient Germanic runes and the system they embody, and in which they are in turn contained. It is the avowed intention of this work to rectify this dismal state of affairs, to deal with the practical side of the half-forgotten, much neglected runic system of magic and mysticism. This is still one of the most powerful forms of metaphysical thought available to the Westerner and one which he himself developed. The roots of runic tradition have been hidden from our view for several hundred years, but now the long-awaited age has arrived, in which the power of the runic mysteries will again become manifest. Among English-speaking magicians rune knowledge had been steadily on the decline since the days of King Cnute, but their lore never completely died out-especially in Scandinavia, where runic incantations (galdrar) continued to be practiced until fairly recent times. This work is intended to invoke the runic force in the minds of all men and women, so that their lore and mysterious power may again be born to rise to the level of their former splendor in the English-speaking world. The runes embody the greatest and the smallest secrets of nature, and they are the keys to those secrets-for they are indeed the secrets themselves. Too long have these magnificent tools of magic been allowed to atrophy in dusty tomes. Now their ways are again made known to those who would be wise.


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Futhark- A Handbook of Rune Magic-Edred Thorsson -1984