This book, the result of sixteen years of practical experience and research, is aguidebook outlining basic Wiccan theory and practice. It is written with the solitary student or practitioner in mind; there are no coven rituals or magical group dynamics described herein. The Wicca as described here is "new." It is not a revelation of ancient rituals handed down for thousands of years. This does not invalidate it, however, for it is based on time-honored practices. A three-thousand-year-old incantation to Inanna isn't necessarily more powerful or effective than one improvised during a private rite. The person practicing the ritual or spell determines its success. Centuries-old incantations are nothing more to you than senseless gibberish, chances are the ritual won't work, any more than would a Shinto ceremony in the hands of a Methodist. To be effective, rituals must speak to you. Rituals are at the heart of Wicca for some, and are pleasant adjuncts to Wicca's philosophy and way of life for others. In Wicca, as with every religion, ritual is a means of contacting the Divine. Effective ritual unites the worshipper with Deity. Ineffective ritual kills spirituality. There are rituals in this book, yes, but they're guideposts, not holy writ. I wrote them so that others, using them as general guidelines, could create their own.


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Further Guide for the Solitary Practitioner - Scott Cunningham