It is good at times to be alone--alone in the heart of a great forest. Listening, one hears new sounds, new voices, voices of the woodland, voices of the furtive folk, voices of the swaying trees and moving waters, voices everywhere--for wherever there is life there is language, language of which we in our wisdom get only an indefinite impression. I have heard other voices--voices of those the world calls dead--on more than seven hundred nights, covering a period of twenty-two years, aided by a wonderful psychic, I talked with those in the after life, they using their own vocal organs just as I did. The first fact that must be brought home is that here and now our real body is our inner body; that what is visible and tangible is the flesh garment, which we wear while an inhabitant of this plane; that dissolution is only a separation--a severance of the inner body from the flesh garment; that both are material and that thereafter the spirit body is identically the same as before--the same, but lacking the outer covering.


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Frontiers Of The Afterlife - E C Randall