Man's world today is a hotbed of warring ideas, uncertainty for the future, and gropings for contentment. The public mind is in a chaos of doubt, fear, and trembling. People are living a day-to day existence, wrestling with the forces of disease, mental irresolution, and heart distress, and finding no issue anywhere. " From Nature Forward " outlines a system of psychological reform that can be followed by every man and woman to a return to buoyant physical health, release of mental tension, and enlarged and happy outlook on life. I believe that unwise training and false ideas  of our life and our self are responsible for all the ills of our mortal flesh and all the wrong tendencies that the race is showing. I believe that when the universal laws are understood and we shall come into harmony with them our lost Paradise will be regained and this plane of consciousness will witness the promised millenniimi, with friendship and peace established between the peoples of the earth. Then, verily, can it be said, " Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other."


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From Nature Forward - H D Prentiss